Hardin Ng Tadhana

Garden Of Fate


The Memory's Soul

We are who we want ourselves to be. We learn from what life teaches us. Be inspired by life lessons artistically created and written in poems.


Two hands and

Fingers rubbing against each other

Running and

Seemingly in a hurry

On form-fitted shapes

Is where he runs

Nowhere to go

And will arrive at nothing


The lighted fire

The golden light

A light in every step

Looking down at a flight of stairs

Holding on to the rails

Destitute, so he can't boast.

Reaching the top, it will be measured

What he learned from life

Under the shade of the sun.


Tonight, as I sleep

My mind wanders

You reached out your hand to mine as a gift,

Comforting and compassionate.

Wholeheartedly thankful

For your presence and for keeping me

In my sleep, let it become my blanket

Your love and care.


At the ridge, it did

place itself.

The moon

that saw

what transpired through the night.

It's light

at the lake

was made to skip,

It's sanity

was acquired.

Fate And Love And Its Many Faces

Fate and love has many faces. We see these in life.


Waiting eagerly

For your return

My dear, I'm longing

To feel your warm kiss

Even in my waiting

Dear, don't be lonely

Trust me

My heart is yours only

I'm giving you my time

I give every moment

Every deed and action and

Every thought and consciousness

Thank you for coming to my life

My wish was granted

To again experience

my heart being reared


At the front of your house

I passed by

My foolish and humble thoughts are

about wanting to see you

Through the glass window

I am hoping

To see

An image of a goddess

Longing to hear your voice

That will soar through the wind

A voice that is sweet

These are what I long for


A smile welcomed a man

That peeped behind the veil

His heart skipped and leaped knowing

That he should not let this pass

Now it's proven true

Love at first sight

Two lovers vowed

To nurture their love

In the promise of every morning

They will live peacefully and fluorish

Their love to each other

Until evening comes

Servant's Birth

We revolve around God's grace and love. Be blessed.


"We'll go up to the mountains but we shall return soon",

This is what you told your helper

We will go to where we were told

Your heart is at peace and is still

I carried the wood and went our way,

“Father, I have a question in mind”.

You replied, “He has provided for us a sacrifice,

Let’s have faith together”.

As I lay down the altar

You securely tied my hands

My heart was clenched when the fire was lit

Your love for Him was earnest

A voice soared from the heavens,

Don’t lift a hand on me neither hurt me

I understood your fear to God who gave you

A son you can willingly sacrifice

My life is a blessing by your love

Saved from a definite tragedy

My seeds were blessed among the nations

Because together, we had faith.


Sliced by the blade, penetrated the crevice

Light exploded, the meadow shone

In the hearts of all, a smile sprung

In the hopes of realizing one's desire

A hope for something he can't see

He believed first before he saw

Indeed, a higher form of believing

He had faith and walked on top of the water

He looked back to the past, studied every step

Even if he failed, missed and was flawed

He focused his eyes to the hands reaching for him

From the raging waters, he was lifted up

Days are elusive, it slips by so fast

A note that consciousness, easily deflates

Making us remember to give our life

To the One who walked on water and reached out His hand for us.


Parting the dust by his small feet

Every step with innocence, so he can go near

A mind that is simple, with one motive

To share his self to others who believe

He gazed through the eyes that were looking

To that of which he was carrying

It may be just enough for his tiny stomach

Five loaves of bread and some fish

Like a droplet of water in a pail

If you will compare it to the size of the crowd

For it to be distributed and shared

To the mind of the child, it is not foolishness

A little child with big faith

Jutted through those who were shortsighted

Not fully understanding if what he has is enough

To be given to everyone

Tiny, innocent, of no consequence, useless

Are what the others see without caution

But his obedience was rewarded

With humility and satisfaction


On the road he is taking,

His heart rumbled.

On the vastness of thought,

A preview of a tempest.

He gathered his strength

Before he released

the feelings being hold

In his thoughts

The humble life of a man

reserved for himself.

Then a fire was lit

To serve others.

Designed to be of service

What his hands created

As answers

to the commands of the Creator


The passionate waves racing against each other

Convergent with my mind at peace

The gentle drops of the rain

Are excited to touch the face of the island

At the deepest night are skipping

Stars countless in the sky

Moving together with the world spinning

Your great creations cannot be exchanged for anything

The light sprung, morning has broken

The golden sun rested on the clouds

New hope is delivered as I awake

Your love is always there for me

You are great, God, who creates!

So great are your creations!

Praise you, our God! our God!

Praise you our great God!