E-books can be so much more

What if you could improve your language skills with fun and engaging stories?

The concept of Mytoori started a long time ago. The goal? To create a digital reading experience that surpases paper. Especially in a way that enhances learning.
While learning French I wondered if I could improve my vocabulary while reading the French classics. This would require a dictionary at the side to constantly look up all the words I didn’t understand. Not a great experience. Couldn’t that be improved?
What if you could blend two versions of a book together? This blend would allow users to switch on a sentence level between languages.

A bilingual platform for writers and readers

Fast forward several years and the platform now offers bilinguals from anywhere, the chance to create bilingual stories and sell them online. Many today are learning a second language; often required work and travel. With mytoori they are able to capitalize and do more with their the languages they master.