Что такое счастье?

What is happiness?



What is happiness? Is happiness a universal term, or is it just a word for which every person has their own definition?

When do we feel happy and what reasons do we need to become happy? Are there multiple reasons required for happiness? Can people feel like they are on the top of the world, just enjoying small pleasures of life?

People are looking for the answers to these questions throughout their entire lives.

There are certain components that make up the definition of happiness. By summarizing them it becomes possible to define the key moments which makes a person happy.

Personal life

Most people connect happiness to the achievements in their personal life. Finding love brings an unspeakable pleasure, while harmony in relationships inspires.

Desire for emotional intimacy instigates unthinkable achievements, which often appear in works of art. Undoubtedly, mutual feelings give some additional meaning to life.

For the majority, love is a peculiar push to a new success.

A partner becomes a necessary support and love helps to overcome many difficulties with minimal losses.

At the same time, absence of personal life for a long time can make people look for happiness elsewhere.

Often people who are not successful in their love life find their inspiration in different but no less important spheres of life.

Of course, realization of self-successfulness and exclusiveness in chosen areas can also give satisfaction.

Nevertheless, if a person to share your successes with does not exist it can lead to disillusionment and, in turn, to misery.

Financial prosperity

Absence of money for supporting basic needs leads to anxiety and deep concern.

If a person’s financial state does not let them satisfy their and their close relatives’ urges, it can lead to doubts in their personal potential, setbacks to their willpower and disappointments in their way of living.

People living in easy circumstances do not have problems with buying things which are necessary for them.

Money can create comfort and stability. Money issues often occur in love life.

The lack of means for living provokes fights and in turn inevitable crises in relationships.

However, in spite of the stable income’s importance, the role of money should not be overestimated. Comfortable living does not guarantee success in other areas.

It is impossible to buy love, although you can buy obedience.

Financial well-being gives a big satisfaction but does not itself create happiness and is useful only as a means to reach it.


Indeed, physical condition can seriously affect mood. Bad general condition leads to depression.

Some chronic diseases influence the body’s function, and in turn affect the nervous system and mental state.

Effective treatment, high-quality medical care and support of your loved ones can help you to recover from serious illnesses.

It is worth mentioning, health is usually connected to person’s financial well-being and the possibility of getting high-quality medical services depends on the place they live in.

Life priorities

Aims and life priorities are one of the key components on the way to happiness.

It is necessary to find a direction, according to which a person can move forward.

Striving for desirable goals and achieving certain results in a chosen area both invoke a significant emotional upswing.

For example, possible priorities can be related to job promotion and receiving a bigger wage.

Moving to a new place, travelling, buying expensive things (e.g. a new car) are also good goals which can bring happiness after reaching them.

Having the result people start to realize that they can get more. This motivation enables a person to move forward.


Place of living defines worldviews. If a person does not like their environment and people they surround themselves with, they will always feel miserable.

For most people the best way out of personal crisis is to change the place of residence.

Indeed, this step can be considered as something that makes life better, creates new impressions, helps to meet new friends and experience new pleasures.

However, it is worth mentioning that moving to a new place is a serious step, which can turn out both successfully and badly, worsening current mental state.

The alternative way is to change the person’s living environment itself.

Making new acquaintances, more frequent communication with friends and family members, finding new ways of making more money and improving current conditions are also effective methods, which might not lead to mental well-being, but directly to happiness.

Relieving the monotony of life

Daily routine work and monotony brings personality crisis and disappointments.

It is necessary to change your life in a way that unavoidable routine does not affect your mood and abilities for self-education.

Inviting new friends, going to the cinema, travelling to other cities and countries, simple evening walk and buying a new piece of home electronics, relaxing at parties are good ways to avoid being bored.

Finding new hobbies and interests, reading books, studying languages, learning how to play musical instruments can lead to new experiences and distract from negative emotional experience.

For example, massive cultural events, musical concerts, famous artists’ exhibitions, theatre plays give new experiences, which can even help to get rid of the routine.

What is happiness?

Thus, happiness is a mix of positive emotions, which are evoked by different experiences taking place in life.

Happiness consists of personal impressions and emotions, which are connected to the most important moments in one’s life.

Happiness can last for just a few seconds or it can be long-lasting and continue for years.

It is enough to experience some pleasure, which is significant for a person, to feel a momentary happiness.

For instance, news about career promotion or a long-awaited meeting with your beloved after a long separation.

After experiencing this moment and getting all the positive emotions, pleasure gradually fades away and people gradually go back to their usual conditions.

Long-lasting happiness is a complex process, which requires realization of all the components mentioned above.

People can be really happy when all their expectations from personal and professional lives are met, when they are healthy, in stable relationships with beloved ones and have a comfortable living environment.

Routine does not have to bother people and they should get enough new experiences.

Frequent momentary pleasures are required for a long-lasting happiness.

Joy and success are necessary on the way to becoming a happy person.

You have to work on your happiness. Striving for the target goal, harmony in personal relationships, better health, relieving the monotony of life and improvements in financial well-being to support the quality of life can improve the mental state.

It can be said that all life is aimed at the satisfaction of these demands.

Many people cannot be happy. It is impossible to reach the harmony and the peace of life after making just one step.

People usually are not ready to work on themselves and they would rather stay in their world, pretending to be content with what they have.

The amount of work which has to be done can vary depending on personal priorities.

Low requirements for the level of life and small expectations are easier to achieve than massive projects and life-long plans.

Some people’s demands are excessively high. Failing to meet them can make a person feel unsuccessful which affects all the further life expectations.

Setting adequate but achievable goals is one of the most essential steps.

Proceeding from the reasonable evaluation of one’s abilities it becomes possible to select the most significant and desirable directions.

After reaching the goals you can continue to strive for more and start working on other aspects of your life.

It is impossible to become happy while not working on yourself and making no changes in your life.

That is why people “look for happiness”. It is necessary to start looking for the most significant things in your life to become happy. Once it is done, you will do everything to obtain happiness.