A Poesia da Vida

The Poetry of Life


The life works how it works

The life is like that Somethings the time carries And others carry the time And there are not a come back!

A way out there are not And this the time will say It will say that which was Never will be again

In the nature all is like that Is impossible deny All have your "the end" Only the time can reply

There isn't something which stop the time But there is something which the time can stop And me,what will be? I'm not in the top

Is necessary to live To the future discover The time will pass There is not a time locker

I do not have a crystal ball The future I don't predict But I can live and believe Because the past I saw

The life works like that In a back and forth With ups and downs But without a come back!

The Flavor of Life

This is the flavor of life It is the flower of love The same love Of my wife

That good flavor Of your favorite dish Which is full of passion That well-seasoned fish

It has honey flavor Of the bees working together Flying in the sky Gathering and doing favor

Has taste of Sun That shine without stop Happy, beaming Always lighting

This flavor you who does Needs to be happy,can't be culprit And always love Can you do it?

Is the taste of faith Expectancy Because the dreamer Always reaches the fancy

Is the nature's taste That courage The respect The prospect

The life have this flavor Of the nature,the favor This taste you who does Can you do it?

The essence of life

This is the essence of life Learn and live Wrong and remake Bicker and forgive

It is the key to happiness It comes down to it Know love No use to contradict

To be happy Only be To learn Only see

See the nature The life of an animal Be sure There is no equal

It only is Lives as either A balancing process Any rules and no mess

This is the essence I lived and learned I was wrong and repaired I fought and pardoned

What's left me It is simply time And that's enough for me Now I am happy

And if I let life take me

I take life Do not let her take me If left what she would do? Would back me

And back In the distant past Would travel In exciting times

Would arouse Going back to the origins Would pass The life thinking

Would think In good times Would suffer The evils that remember

He would remember The kid games Would play With my memory

Let the weather here Life would And I would do? Would not live

Would live in the past And last would If this stop And I would do nothing

So I take life Do not let her take me If left what would I do? Would not exist

Learning to live

Alienated world Coca-Cola in the hand Iphone in the pocket But can't buy bread

What good is a diamond What you can do In times of drought You cannot drink

What good is money What is the value A life of lie Loses flavor

Football and novel You cannot miss? It's my country What I'll do?

Hate the government But can't vote take shame will study

You do not understand what you say Not sure what to do Just think Or not you are capable of?

I'm not a philosopher Much less teacher But if something learned It is to appreciate life

Alive, not kill Love, do not steal Bites, does not bark Walk, do not drag

Do not forget, Jesus loves you!