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Think and Grow Rich: Thirteen Bombshells for Success

Pensez et Devenez Riches: Treize Principes de Réussite

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Napoleon Hill devoted his entire life to uncovering the arcana of success; his priceless effort and work have contributed to the magnificent achievement among the most respectable names in the history of this world. I decided that it would be a marvellous idea to put the philosophy in a nutshell and promote it in the form of an e-book that serves to study languages. I do not know about you Dear Reader, but when it comes to me, I love reading, and even more, I love making it utility reading. I honestly hope that through reading this short text, you will not only polish your language skills, but you will also get acquainted with the precious thought of Napoleon Hill.
I have been learning and constantly using English for the past 25 years, and thus it has become my second nature and my means of perceiving the world. :)
Ewa A. Jablonska