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The Atlantis Union - part 1

De Atlantis Unie (Boek 1) - deel 1

€ 10
The Atlantis Union is a 10,000-year-old organisation, founded after the destruction of Atlantis. William Baeder is revealed as the new heir of Atlantis who must help the Union access the ancient vaults on the sunken island. However, Professor Julian Troussos, acting regent and head of the ruling council of the Union, will stop at nothing to retain his power. Time and time again, Troussos’ immortality seems to be his salvation, or does it eventually turn out to be a curse? This is the first part of a full-length novel.
Native speaker of Dutch, fully qualified Editor in Australia, fully qualified Translator in both Australia and the Netherlands. I have lived in Australia for 16 years.
Mark Kerrigan